Citnalta receives award at the New York Transit Museum 25th Anniversary Gala

Citnalta Construction Corp.

Award accepted by Michael Gargiulo, President

Since 1973, Citnalta Construction Corp. has completed numerous projects involving preservation and adaptive reuse of historic buildings and structures throughout New York City. In addition, Citnalta has a history of completing historic transit structures and stations for the MTA. As President of Citnalta Construction Corp., Michael Gargiulo, together with his partner Larry Sitbon and Citnalta’s entire leadership team, brings Citnalta’s core values of integrity, hard work, passion and professionalism to every project. Citnalta is also committed to diversity in the construction industry and prides itself on working with both the MTA and NY City School Construction Authority on their mentor programs that seek to enlarge the pool of qualified MWBEs capable of bidding on each agency’s projects.


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