Brick Arch Repair

Brick Arch Repair


Project name Repair of The Brick Arch at the 168th Street and 181st Street  Stations Broadway/7th Avenue Line ( IRT)
Owner’s contract number A-36193
Owner’s name New York City Transit (NYCT)
General description of the project type and size 168th street and 181st Street stations required to remove the ceiling bricks and replaced with GFRC Panels and replace all medallions at both stations at Arch areas. New Granit Flooring at 168th street Platforms and upper mezzanine. New Armature with Gutter/Light fixtures at both stations
Description of scope of work General Contractor responsible for supervising all of the trades. Citnalta oversaw the subcontractors and performed some work with its own force. Temporary Decking was installed on both stations so that the work could be done without interfering with the Public. Installation of GFRC panels was done by Admiral Construction. Removal of Ceiling bricks, Platform Concrete Floor was done by Citnalta. Armature work was done by RISA Management. During Construction, Safe Zone was provided for Passengers so that they wouldn’t be inconvenienced by the construction. New Ceramic tile and Mosaic were installed at NB Gallery wall/Columns at 168th street station.


Original Start and End dates of construction Start – May 27, 2013

End (anticipated) – March 31st, 2016

Actual Start and End dates of construction Awarded on 3/28/13


Dollar amount at award $42,152,499.98
Dollar amount at completion  $45,000,000.00+